Posted by: James Lao | November 12, 2006

A new home

No, I’m not moving to a new house, but I am moving my blog! You can now find me at so update your bookmarks, feeds, and blogrolls folks! See ya on the other side. :)

Posted by: James Lao | October 25, 2006



My school was awarded the InvenTeam grant from MIT. It’s kind of ironic that we wrote our invention proposal in about two weeks while most other teams had several months. Anyways, we got the grant and we get to go to MIT in June to present our invention.

Posted by: James Lao | September 27, 2006

Happy 8th birthday Google

Google's 8th Birthday

It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown these last eight years. Happy birthday. :)

Posted by: James Lao | September 26, 2006

My Nintendo DS Lite

DS Lite

So I recieved my Nintendo DS Lite yesterday… Isn’t it pertty? Looks like the offspring of an iPod and a regular DS. There’s one more picture after the jump.

Mario Kart DS Friend Code

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